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Get rich fast, build a yacht, sail faster than the wind

Wild Peaches

Remember when you were a kid in highschool and thought math had no practical applications? That didn't age so well. Do not fret, we're here to help. Because every yacht owner deserves to sail faster than the wind.

Wild Peaches is a blog about mind-sized STEM ideas and experiments, beyond the textbook. Together with my former neighbor, John, a mathematician, I started it in the summer of 2020.

The medium is the message and the blog is the project

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John has been writing the posts. It is my intent to document my maker projects here, and collaborate on posts with John. I’ve had other priorities in the past few years, and as a consequence my only real project has been creating the site. It’s all very meta. One exception: the puzzle of fifteen is meant to lead to a collaborative post. In the meantime, I occasionally act as an editor and have contributed an illustration or two and about the same number of infographics.

Screenshot of Marylin and The Goats post. Screenshot of California tumbles into the sea post.

It's not Greatest Of All Time, we're talking actual goats.

I’ve made quite a bit of headway into turning the site into a PWA. Additionally, I am integrating Eleventy with TailwindCSS as a utility layer for a CUBE css approach to set up a design system.

Made with Eleventy, TailwindCSS, KaTeX. Deployed on Netlify.

MIT Childcare Center Scholarship And I know I'm fakin' it, I'm not really makin' it.
Puzzle of Fifteen The PS4 of the 1880s